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Rock and Roll’s Latest and Greatest Addition | Monster Truck

14 Jan
Monster Truck @The Sound Academy

Monster Truck @The Sound Academy | credit: Jeanette LeBlanc

Concert Review by: Jeanette LeBlanc

Attending concerts regularly is what I do, and it’s what I’ve been doing since I can remember and unless if some unforeseen tragic circumstance occurs in the future that will prevent me from being able to attend- then it’s what I’m going to keep on doing. On August 18th, 2012- I attended 102.1 The Edge’s Dean Blundell Show’s Sausagefest at The Sound Academy (my favorite Toronto concert venue).The show was bad-ass of course (102.1 The Edge events never disappoint)and it was hosted by members of the Dean Blundell Show, featuring some pretty entertaining performers; comedian Craig Gass, an embarrassing- yet funny karaoke performance from die-hard listener/ #1 Dean Blundell Show hater- Adrian, along with awesome bands like The Salads, The Watchmen and most importantly Monster Truck.

Now as I said before, I see cool rock bands all the time (not trying to boast or anything) but these guys were different. THEY BLEW MY MIND. They opened with their single “Seven Sea Blues” which got them noticed and played regularly on the radio, and man was it bad-ass. These guys have the stage presence and “swagger” of reincarnated rock stars from the 1970’s, and they do it without even trying or looking stupid. They consist of a combination of powerful vocals and guitar riffs that sound so bad-ass that when you’re listening to them you can’t help but feel like you’re in a really cool scene of some Quintin Tarantino flick.

Needless to say, they truly are a “Rock and Roll” band, only modernized and turned up a couple of notches. If you have an opportunity to see them, regardless of what category of rock music you listen to- these guys will bring it; they will make you feel like that 15 year-old die-hard rocker who dreams big just wants to rock out.