Parkway Drive | Atlas

24 Jan

Parkway DriveAlbum Review by: Jeanette LeBlanc

Atlas is the fourth studio album from Australian metal band, Parkway Drive. The album was released through Epitaph Records on October 26th, 2012- with much anticipation. The album begins with an introductory song titled “Sparks” consisting of a blend of serenading acoustics and synthesizing harmonies that help create a peaceful, innocent image before gradually tearing into a combination of powerful guitars and immaculate rough-wet vocals. If this introduction can’t get you excited about the rest of the album, then you should give up on heavy music all together at this point.

The album manages to hold a firm grasp on your attention throughout, especially the song “Wild Eyes”. This song clearly separates itself from the rest. The song begins with emotionally matched; guitar riffs and chanting gang vocals, this combination will have you singing along- even on your first time listening. This song leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting to scream out loud, while the mood takes you from calm and inspired to up and ready for action.

If you are a long-time Parkway Drive fan, it is safe to say that this album comes back full strife. The band has returned with their notorious break-downs and progressive rushes of wanting to throw down. If you have never listened to the band before then it is also safe to say that you are going to fall in love. Parkway Drive seems to have managed to stay true to their fans and their sound in this album while going that extra step above. The band has announced the “Atlas North American Tour” and will be reaching the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on April 16th with co-headliner While She Sleeps.


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